Monday, 19 February 2018

Crochet a Star Pillow

Crochet this nice star shaped pillow for your home or as a gift.  This site has step by step photos and instructions.

This crochet Sirius Star Pillow, using fabric/t-shirt yarn is a sirius(ly) fun and easy project to whip up over a weekend! Includes free pattern.
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Crochet a Baby Elephant Hat

Crochet this beautiful elephant hat for your baby or crochet it as a gift.

elephant crochet hat free pattern

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Monday, 12 February 2018

How to Reuse Frogged Yarn

If you have knitted or crocheted something, but you don't want it anymore, you can reuse its yarn, this site shows you step by step how to do it.  This is even a good idea for second hand bought knitted or crochet sweaters.

How to rescue and reuse frogged or recycled yarn for knit and crochet projects
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Crochet a Woven Potholder

If you love to crochet potholders, then you can't loose to crochet this beautiful potholder.

Woven Hot Pad Crochet Pattern |
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Crochet Butterfly Net Wristers

Crochet this beautiful wrister.  Make it in the color you like or to match your clothes.  Skill level: Intermediate.

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Crochet Chunky Popcorn Cushion

Crochet this beautiful cushion, you can make it for a gift or to decorate and make more comfortable  your house.  Choose any colors you like.  The site has step by step photos and instructions, to make it easier for you to make them.

free round chunky cushion
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